Book Review: Where is my Pink Sweater? Nicola Slater

Where is my Pink Sweater?
Author/Illustrator: Nicola Slater
Publisher: Abrams Appleseed
Ages: Littlest littles
Genre: Board Book

Oh, hello. I’d like to introduce you to my favorite board book of 2019. If you have a tiny person in your life, your Christmas gift list has one more great addition, and here it is:

Rudy’s beloved pink sweater is missing—let’s join him on the hunt. A pink string and ten helpful, tumbling cats give us a clue—and we get to follow on the trail of discovery through the house and yard.

The little blue rabbit-pig main character is just the beginning of the endearing quirk in this text. The art mixes contrasting muted tones together and adds interesting details to this simple story. Flaps and die-cuts make this little text interactive, and hold the attention of new readers as they discover little bugs behind tiny doors and silly knitting crocodiles on the loo.

The text of this story is a brilliant mix of simple and silly words for beginning readers and little readers who love to listen to stories. Interwoven in the story is a count-down of creatures who help Rudy along the say. We meet nine jiving llamas in fancy-pants pajamas and five jibber-jabbering sea creatures in a pool—but the discovery of Rudy’s sweater is a sweet nod to sibling sharing.

This is a brilliant little take on hand-me-down clothing, and a book that will be loved and passed down from sibling to sibling, too.

Remember this holiday season that if you plan to buy a book—think about supporting a little local bookstore instead of the big box shops. That doesn’t mean you can’t shop online though! Many local bookshops have websites, too. Here’s a great resource for finding your local sellers:

Thank you to Abrams Appleseed for a copy of this cute little text in exchange for an honest review.

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