Fa la la la Book Review: Christmas is Awesome, Sabrina and Eunice Moyle

Christmas is Awesome!
Author: Sabrina Moyle
Illustrator: Eunice Moyle

Publisher: Abrams Appleseed
Ages: Littlest littles
Genre: Board Book 

“Christmas is twinkling lights…silent nights…” 

And eye-popping, neon pink.

This tiny book packs in the color and puts some pizazz back in the holidays. Critters of all kinds (including my favorite, a chocolate-covered worm gift-exchanging mole) get ready for the holiday, writing letters to Santa and donning ugly sweaters. The little lump of coal on each page spread gives tiny eyes something to search for. His antics show his hesitancy to participate in the festivities a’ la’ tune of Scrooge, but friends include the grumpy nugget in the celebration anyway.

Those who celebrate the Christmas holiday for religious reasons might find this text to have too little “manger scene” and too much “Santa Claus” (though there is a manger and mention of jubilation which can give you an opportunity to talk about your reason for celebrating), but most will appreciate the focus on kindness and love in this season of celebration, and everyone will love the new color scheme decking the halls of this holiday.

San Francisco Bay Area sisters Eunice and Sabrina are the duo behind Hello!Lucky, a letterpress greeting card and design studio, and the author/illustrator duo of this exuberant text. Consider it a little way to add some joy in your littlest stocking this Christmas.

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