Best Easter Basket Stuffers for Easter 2020? A Book for Every Age!

Easter 2020 looks different in the midst of a pandemic; we aren’t with family or friends we would normally visit, and as we try to keep everyone safe by staying home. But even with all the difficulty, there is still hope. Now more than ever, we need reminders of grace and mercy and new life. Here are some books to add to every kid’s spring reading list (and a couple for grown-ups) to help build hope.

Spring is Here
Ages Birth to Three (board book)
SPRING IS HERE! by Carles Ballesteros

This novelty board book is part of the quirky “changing faces” series. As pages are turned, each animal’s big, round face changes its expression. A cheeping chick, splashing duckling and their fiends share glee for the new season. Repeated words and phrases cheerfully show the sights and sounds of spring.

The Wonder that is You
Preschool to Age 8 (both board book and picture book options)
THE WONDER THAT IS YOU by Glenys Nellist and illustrated by Aurelie Blanz

A poetic text written from parent to child celebrates of the wonder of new life, and all creation celebrates, too. Rhyming lines are surrounded by breathtaking nature-inspired illustrations. This sweet text would be a wonderful read-aloud between parent and child and is available in both a picture book and sturdy board book version. This uplifting text comes from the author of LITTLE MOLE FINDS HOPE, another encouraging read for difficult times.

Ages 4 to 8 (picture book)
ELSIE by Nadine Robert and illustrated by Maja Kastelic

Elsie’s siblings include and love her, but the peculiar little bunny doesn’t quite fit in. They all go fishing and cast lines into the water, but Elsie decides to use a buttercup as bait. Her repeatedly unconventional approaches to life make her unusual, but those same quirks are also her strength. Tempera and watercolor illustrations add a bright, earthen spring flair to a sweet story that calls attention to the importance of unique perspectives, diversity, and acceptance.

Fox and Rabbit cover
Ages 6-9 (graphic novel)
FOX & RABBIT by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Gergley Dudas

For Fox and Rabbit, everyday adventures turn extra special just because they’re adventuring together. This graphic novel is the first in a series for emerging readers (psst—that’s those who are just learning to love reading) celebrating the simple awesomeness that is friendship. If your kiddo is into adorable animals and positive friendship tales—this is for them! This book isn’t on sale until April 21st, so you’d need put an IOU in a gift basket. If you’d rather have something for your pre-teen to read on Easter day, check out my review for BIG FOOT AND LITTLE FOOT by Felicita Sala or ZOEY AND SASSAFRAS by Asia Citro.

This Was Our Pact
Ages 10-Teen (graphic novel)
THIS WAS OUR PACT by Ryan Andrews

A graphic novel for teens (and adults) mixes other-worldly mythical happenings with the real-life struggle of being (or being friends with) the kid who doesn’t fit in. Two boys follow the lanterns released during the annual Autumn Equinox Festival to see if the legends about their final destination are true. Surprising twists, unusual magic, stunning illustrations, and memorable characters (like a bicycle-riding bear) make for a story filled with wonder. Personality-packed Madam Majestic is one of the most dynamic characters I’ve seen in a graphic novel, perhaps ever.

Adult Non-fiction
CONFLUENCE by Zak Podmore

Wait, what? A book for grown-ups? Well, the best way to encourage kids to read is by reading. As long as you’re placing a spring order from your favorite bookseller, pick up an interesting read for yourself. Podmore’s Confluence blends storytelling about kayaking trips with political and ecological activism. Outdoor adventuring, personal anecdotes about grief, and reporter-esque observations merge together in an emotionally-provoking tale. Through honest contemplation about our impact on the earth, Podmore challenges us to consider our actions and to care about working together toward a better future.

Happy spring, everyone. May yours be full of grace and truth.

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