Book Review: Walter: Under the Ice, Bob Allen (Plus, Giveaway of a Signed Copy!)

Author: Bob Allen
Illustrator: Scott Alberts
Publisher: Fishing Quest Publishing
Ages: 5-8
Genre: Picture book

For most of us, the end of winter has arrived, but we find ourselves cooped up for a different reason. As littles all try to learn the art of patience and gain an even greater appreciation for the great outdoors, there’s one little critter they might want to meet. His name is Walter the Wily Walleye, and he lives under the ice for half the year. After eating a hearty breakfast and putting on a bunch of layers, readers are off to see if they can catch him in Walter: Under the Ice.

Walter gives readers advice on how to spot him under the crust of ice. They learn new, fun ice fishing terms like “skimmer,” “auger,” “flasher,” and “jig rod,” and the importance of measuring the ice thickness before venturing out (including how much ice it would take to hold a dinosaur!). Whether it is for a fish dinner, or catch-and-release, Walter reminds us that ice fishing requires one important skill: patience.

Bright, detailed illustrations mix realism and cartoon, and show the quirky underwater world where Walter lives. The rhyming lines in this book give it a classic storybook feel and make it brilliant for a parents or grandparents to read to their littles before heading out on a fishing adventure. Walter encourages us all to get out and enjoy the great outdoors—no matter the weather!

There aren’t many picture books that celebrate this iconic sport, which makes this one a keeper (sorry, I had to) for aspiring fishers to read any time of the year! It’s especially cool to us Wisconsinites since it was written, illustrated, and published in our lovely state. Bob Allen adds this clever tale to Walter the Wily Walleye and Fly-in to the Boonies, his other books that celebrate fishing in all seasons. Ask your library to catch a copy or check out the author’s website for more details.

One lucky winner will get their very own author-signed copy of Walter: Under the Ice in their mailbox (at a later date so I’m only sharing books, not germs), hooray!
 To enter the giveaway, you must be following my blog (either on the blog, on Facebook or Twitter) and leave a comment (either here, on Facebook or Twitter). U.S. addresses only. Thanks very much to the author Bob Allen for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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