Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy Entry: “Dusk”

Often on my blog you read me writing about other people’s writing. Well, today you get to be the critic! Here’s some of my own.


A misty glaze is illuminated
by the patternless pulse of fireflies
Each blade of green surrenders
color to the last moments of daylight.
A grove of trees wills itself taller
By measuring out long shadows on the hills.
Sun balances on the horizon.
The world turns
into a two-dimensional image of light and dark
underlined by tracks of orange.
Pink. Amber. Red.
Creatures of the night and day share this moment
in the great Union Depot of time.
They shuffle and bump elbows and ask for pardon.
Rabbits and squirrels catch a train home to sleep
while badgers and barn owls chug coffee and rush to work the night shift.
Until the moment. The station clears. Time forgets to breathe.
The air hangs still and hot and dense.
A jazz band of crickets steps onto the platform.
The strum. The hum. The falsetto chirp.
The ear-turning pluck of the bass.
And they set out their hats.
And they play for change.

Many thanks to Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for planning a Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy this year. For other humans who write kidlit, there are some great prizes and you can find all about it here.

Image Number : 13
Word Count: 163
Preferred age level of prize: PB
Country: USofA


    • Thank you for your kind words! You crafted such a mysterious, entrancing image with your beautiful multi-lingual piece on el Día de los Muertos, too. Oh, and congratulations on your PBChat mentorship!


  1. […] About Lindsey’s piece, Emily says, “This powerful, literary poem written with beautiful prose had me captivated! The language was lyrical, and each word was chosen with such care. The verbs were all in active voice with each subject performing such poignant movements. It’s one thing to be a masterful editor of our own work, but it was distinctly clear to me that Lindsey has a genuine writing talent. I read this piece so many times!” If you haven’t read Lindsey’s piece yet, check it out here. […]

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