Book Review: Aliana Reaches for the Moon

Aliana Reaches for the Moon
Author: Laura Roettiger
Illustrator: Ariel Boroff
Publisher: Eifrig Publishing
Ages: 4-8
Genre: Picture book fiction

Energetic Aliana fills her days with exploring, reading, and best of all—creating! The Rocky Mountains that surround her provide inspiration for her creativity. She’s making something beautiful and exciting for her little brother’s birthday, and in the process leaving behind a bit of a mess. After a couple days of exploring and a couple more trips to the library, Aliana finds a way to harness the power of the moon to create the perfect birthday gift.

Detailed, spunky cartoon illustrations of mountain scenes and the night sky play joyfully with light and color and subtly celebrate diversity. Aliana’s patient parents (who would really like her to clean her room) see beyond the mess and encourage her to keep inventing. A touching friendship between Aliana and her little brother plays out across the pages in a smile-inducing way. This story celebrates the glee that can be found in noticing the beauty in nature and taking the time to slow down and see what’s all around.

Kid-friendly facts about the phases of the moon wrap up Aliana Reaches for the Moon with fun information for budding astronomers. Don’t be surprised if clever inventions that capture the starlight start popping up in your house once this book makes its way onto your shelf!

I’m happy to let you know, you can to stop by tomorrow to read an author interview with Laura! She has some great thoughts on the importance of being observant, and some helpful thoughts on publishing for writers. In the meantime, you’ll want to follow her work here.

Thank you to my blog friend and author Laura Roettiger for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



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