Book Review: When Day is Done, Natalee Creech, Robert Dunn

When Day is Done
Author: Natalee Creech
Illustrator: Robert Dunn
Publisher: Beaming Books
Ages: 3-5 years
Genre: Picture Book, Bedtime Story

A peaceful story that quietly celebrates the blessings of the day unfolds from the pages of When Day is Done. Kiddos and their loved ones will find this story a sweet, thoughtful way to bring about thankfulness for all the beautiful things in life.

The author refers to this story as a spoken lullaby, and rightfully so. Soft, gentle words lull readers into a world of dreams. Mesmerizing descriptions of getting ready for bed slow down busy readers’ minds. Simple turns of phrase and the poetic repeat of the line “we sleep when day is done” will make little eyelids heavy and plop tired heads onto pillows. Older siblings who have just learned to read might enjoy reciting the easy, calming lines to younger family members as a bedtime read-aloud.

The illustrations in this book are a triumph of light and shadow. Sunlight beams off trees and flowers as the sun sinks under the horizon. The moonlight glistens off of tiny heads resting on pillows, and starlight glitters from the pages. Thoughtfully diverse images celebrate friends and family and nature that surrounds us.

People of faith will appreciate the almost prayerful way the lines of this book are written—thankfully acknowledging the sun, food, trees, flowers that bring beauty to our day; the house that provides shelter; and the family that wraps us in love. When Day is Done is a gentle way to set aside the cares of the day and refocus on beautiful blessings as littles drift off to sleep.

When Day is Done releases this week, February 12th. If you care to have a sneak-peek of some of what awaits you while you wait for the arrival of Natalee Creech’s debut picture book from your library or Amazon, you can find the book trailer here.


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